4 comments on “Your Own Fictional Jesus?

  1. The problem is there isn’t much proof. The writers you mentioned never claim they saw this happen or even that they believe it, they merely repeat what they heard Christian say. For example all Cornelius Tactius or Pliny the Younger says is that there are Christians and they believe in Christ.

    There is no independent evidence such as eye witness accounts or Roman records such as the census which supposedly happened when Jesus was born or records of his execution (you’d think the Romans might comment on the fact that one of their victims was still alive after being killed).

    Regards the Gospel of Mark you take the absolute most optimistic and earliest possible date (which even still is 30-40 years after Jesus’s death (as we dont know when he was born we dont know when he died)). Most scholars estimate between 65 and 75 AD (summary of debate http://atheism.about.com/od/biblegospelofmark/a/dating.htm) Also remember that Mark was the first book whereas the last one was John written around 100 AD. As people had a life span of about 30 in Roman times this means several generations had passed.



    • Strange you mention the skeptic lifespan of 30-40 when in fact there is recorded evidence of many living well beyond that time frame. http://www.preventingtruthdecay.org/firstcenturylifespans.shtml
      So the time frame of 50 or even 65 to 100 AD (John has been dated to approx the 90’s a.d. would be accurate for people to have been alive to write the gospels and/or write the gospels on first hand testimony. the simple stated fact 30-40 doesn’t hold water.
      However, there is also plenty of proof for Jesus existence in Cornelius Tacitus
      Additionally, you sound like you are making the hearsay claim that others make, disregarding the fact that most of the references to Jesus are from historians who are usually very exacting about how they record history. Citing sources was not widely done in the 1st Century and the sources they may have used to record their own histories were probably lost.


      • I’m disappointed with your evidence. Two vague reports is all you have? Neither of which are remotely scientific. The Bible contains many characters who supposedly lived for hundreds of years, but its not taken seriously.

        Again Tactius merely says there were people who believed in Christ. He does not say it was true or provide evidence either way. All he tells us is that there Christians in Rome at the time.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tacitus_on_Christ


      • So your graph shows roughly 20% of the pop above age 50. Interesting. I guess that proves my point, not your own. If you use Wikipedia as a source I will discount anything you put on it. Much like with how you discount the Bible I discount wiki, too many cooks if you will. However, I think your wiki source pretty much destroys your own argument on Tacitus.


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