One comment on “Olympics and National Pride

  1. I worry that while we celebrate our country, some willfully remain ignorant of the world around us. NBC provided a neat little graphic during the Parade of Nations for the opening ceremony. Every time a new country marched into the picture, there was a map next to the country’s name, and it would show the US, then move over to the appropriate continent and zoom in on the outline of the country. Still I heard people saying, “Well where is that?” “There’s a map next to the name each time.” But no one cared to look at the map. It was easier to make comments about how awkward it must be to be one of two athletes representing your country, or to ask “Since when does France have black people?” or “What kind of Canadian wears a turban?”
    A: France has had black people for a long time, like how most places in the free world have a mixture of races and skin colors. And probably the kind who has a religious practice for wearing turbans, like a Sikh. Most places in the free world have a mixture of religions too.
    RIght or wrong, that might be part of what the media is bashing when they pick on American Exceptionalism. Am I proud of our country and her achievements? You bet. Do I look down on everyone not us? No, because being a great nation means we should act better too, and arrogance to the point of willful ignorance is incredibly unbecoming.
    Something I had to get off my chest, sorry to use your blog to do it.


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