One comment on “Hunting Compared to Pornography in the UK

  1. In order to understand their argument, one must look at how the brain reacts to violence and sex. The brain sends out chemicals when one views violence and sex, some people get addicted to those chemicals, some don’t. That is pretty much all the relation between porn and hunting that I can see based on my knowledge of how the brain neurotransmitters function when a human watches porn or violence.

    Keep in mind, the desensitization of children to either sex (via porn) or violence (via hunting magazines) is also a concern. Their argument wants people to believe that if a child views hunting magazines with images of dead animals, they will feel less emotion and less sorrowful about hunting an animal, thus increase the likelihood that they will become hunters or be “pro-hunting”. I can see where a pro-animal group would try to make this argument. The reality is, a child will get desensitized to just about anything with enough exposure – in this case either sex or “hunting violence” with viewing of the material – the pro-animal rights groups don’t want that because they “love” animals (I hope they are vegan) and “killing” an animal is wrong in their minds.

    Is the argument absurd? Possibly, however, the concept is correct. If a child watches enough human violence, they will become desensitized to the violence (even addicted to the chemicals produced when watching the violence) and not feel as sorry as a normal child, when they strike another child. They want us to believe the same concept is true for animal hunting/”violence.”

    Therefore, their argument, although absurd, is valid.


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