One comment on “Who Rules You…

  1. Since I often hear about the previous administration when discussing this one, I’ll add that I seem to recall a lot of off-color and “improper” statements about the previous administration, to include a head on a pike in Game of Thrones. (Heads of the former president were cheap because they were readily available, or some other excuse.) GWB was VILLIFIED in many corners.
    Hey, that’s the price that comes with freedom and with enacting unpopular policies. And this is America. Now I admit threats against the president shouldn’t be taken lightly, but a rodeo clown is no threat, nor were the antics of the Left under GWB.
    But you make a great point, it sounds like this is the sheeple policing themselves, which I think is more frightening than an authority figure.
    Also I want tacos.


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