3 comments on “Fast food workers prepare for another strike for living wages

  1. This is a non-issue because most people who work in fast food locations are moving towards other jobs. When I was in college I worked for a time at Lowes, Home Depot, and Circuit City. At each one of those low skilled jobs (I was low skilled) I worked with other low skilled workers who were either going to school or doing training. The “lifers” I worked with were being paid a lot more.


    • Right, however increasing the wages for low skilled jobs will only encourage people to stagnate in those jobs which is ultimately bad for the workforce.


  2. Fast food workers demanding 15 dollars an hour? What a joke.

    Tell me, why should I have to pay taxes to support the welfare state? Why should I HAVE TO PAY FOR YOUR MISTAKES???

    If you cannot afford to have children, THEN DO NOT HAVE CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!

    Sterilize all people on welfare. Problem solved immediately.


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