5 comments on “Using a potato gun to Abridge your Rights

  1. Has she written a story about the raid? Would seem like the most logical if she is this media hot stuff you claim she is. I don’t know her from Sam. Would love read more about how this supposed “non-fooling journalist” dealt with this situation. What is she doing now? What is she saying about this? Or, did this incident shut her up? I’ve searched and find nothing on this woman. It would make this incident real if follow-up is possible but it doesn’t appear this woman exists. Thanks for sharing this. 🙂


  2. Nevermind…I found something on her…about what happened. Now, I am searching about how she proceeded after the incident. Thanks again!


  3. Found lots on this. When it happens, it will be so quick, most won’t know what hit them–us! Everyone is too busy with their iphone, ipad, ipod or whatever it is that takes their attention and consciousness from what is going on. Thank you again.


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