One comment on “Some Peoples rights can Trump yours

  1. Why they needed a baker in Colorado to bake their cake is a big question, to me. Why they would go to someone who clearly doesn’t share their views to make their cake is another big question.
    If I was looking for a wedding cake, or a musician for a wedding, or what have you, I would not go find an avowed atheist and ask them to make me a giant Christian cake decorated in crosses, or play and sing music that praises God. There’s an element of “live and let live” that should come into play here, unless people are out to make trouble for anyone who disagrees with them.

    I see this like the pasta debacle earlier this year. Someone out there actively watches to see if companies make commercials using same sex couples, and makes a stink if they don’t. Let pasta be pasta, let cakes be cakes.

    That said, it is only a cake. I don’t think God’s sending anyone to hell for making a cake.


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