One comment on “Black Boy and the Race Conversation

  1. I will leave aside my thoughts about the use of the N-word by any particular groups, as the idea of two white guys talking about what that word entails will probably engender more ridicule and “You don’t know what it’s like” outrage than any good that might come of it.

    I feel keen interest toward that discussion of calling other groups names. If it’s such a hateful thing, then why is any of that acceptable? How is it that everyone can be the butt of jokes and comments except my own group? That sounds like a great conversation to have in a safe environment like an English classroom discussing literature and how it impacts or informs our lives today.

    Missed opportunities, though I suppose the fear of a discussion of race going wrong might drive that. I’d have to have a really good class of sharp kids willing to open their minds and think about what it looks like from a different side. If that trust and respect isn’t present, I’d be tempted to move right along down the reading list.


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