4 comments on “A Competitor to Obamacare?

  1. I agree with you that the PPACA is too complex, and disagree that government control “has never worked and will not work with health care”. Medicare works, it’s solvent, and nobody wants it gone including those who want it more privatized or voucherized. It’s a single-payer system for universal coverage, with a minimum age requirement. Eliminate the age minimum, and you have your better alternative!


    • Medicare doesn’t work…it isn’t exaclty solvent as Forbes reported that it will be bankrput by 2016. The care is substandard and many people have problems finding doctors that will accept it because of the draconian rules imposed on the payment schedules for them (i.e. a 31% decrease in reimbursements starting 1 Jan, 2013).


      • The decrease in reimbursements was proposed (it was -37% not 31), but rescinded, and I only hear “substandard care” from opponents of the program, not from patients. I work in an Urgent Care now, previously in hospitals. Private family practices don’t like the standardized fee caps, but specialists and clinics do, so you get a mixed message on whether “doctors” like it. Forbes is wrong. Here’s a more comprehensive look at the solvency: http://www.cbpp.org/cms/?fa=view&id=3532


      • the article flat out says that the ACA is being used to prop up the solvency of Medicare. That in and of itself is a shell game. The trustees are basing their projections on assumptions that even the actuaries called unrealistic. The CBO’s numbers indicate that the unfunded liabilities may exceed $100 Trillion dollars.


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