2 comments on “There is no White Privilege

  1. White privilege goes beyond being able to get a job or being able to come up in society. Whether you can see it or not, white people do have an advantage due to the color of their skin. I know this because I’ve seen it happen and within the black community, we can see previews of white privilege when it comes to the lighter members of our community. The more European you look, the more comfortable people are around you; you’re not seen as a threat. White privilege allows you to move through society with ease- your motives, your choices, your being will not be questioned due to the color of your skin. White privilege has less to do with class division and more to do with what you’re allowed to get away with and what we’re not allowed to get away with. Both you and I can commit the same crime; who do you think they’re going to interrogate first? Who do you think is going to be sent to jail? And if we both go, who’ll be there longer? That right there is white privilege. White people don’t have to take their surroundings into account when their lives are threatened. By that I mean, if I have to defend myself against someone who is not of color, I have to decide if I’m allowed to do that. Because if I’m in the suburbs of Detroit where the majority of white people reside, if I hit a white man back if he hits me, all that white man has to do is say “He hit me” and it’s me in the back of that police car, not him. It’s my word against his. That, sir, is white privilege. There are countless examples.


    • No, what you have seen is a small sampling in your area of things that have happened but nothing that says this is systemic behavior across the United States. A group that has, in the past, been disadvantaged does not magically create an entire system of white privilege in perpetuity. If that were the case then no person of color would be allowed to exit the permanent underclass that America built for them to occupy. Even if some white people do seem to have all the opportunities it does not mean that all members of the group (i.e. white people) have all the same privileges. Saying I am privileged and that I am too used to my own privilege to notice is hypocrisy, it means you are blind to the advantages that others, who are not white, may have that you choose not to see. Specific complaints, X hit me, I hit X back, and the police arrested me isn’t indicative of privilege, it is indicative that sometimes shit happens even if you aren’t doing something wrong. You say you see a preview when you see “lighter” people getting along just fine, well for every example of that I could point out an example of a “darker” person who is also getting along just fine and has risen to the pinnacle of their respective fields. There are plenty of examples, equal opportunity does not equate to equal outcome…some people just do better, and do more with the opportunities they have been given, or the gifts and talents that life has bestowed upon them. Success isn’t measured by one’s coloration on a scale from albino to ebony.


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