Books on the front page

Yeah, about the books in the picture.  There have been some questions if I know what books those are on the front page.  Well yes, I do know what books those are because I took the picture for the blog.  The template had some boring generic books on there and I wanted a pic of some books that better define me and the things I enjoy. So in order the books from left to right are: A Clive Cussler novel, Co. Aytch by Sam Watkins, Coin Preservation handbook (completely outdated we no longer clean coins), Plays by Chirstopher Marlowe, The Art of War by Sun Tzu, a first edition ANA guide for grading coins, Early Bust half attribution by Al Overton, Silence at Appomatox by Bruce Catton, The Impending Crisis 1848-1861 by David M. Potter, The Two Sides of Gettysburg, and Night Probe again by Cussler.  These books represent, History,Civil War History, Military History, Politics, Numismatics, Art, Literature, and Adventure, all things I love.




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